We started our collaboration by making installations in the public spaces of Tehran around 7 years ago. In 2011 during the presentation of "Five Unusual Encounters", we started to work under the title of "Tehran Carnival" and continued our work by designing live concert stages and the design of the accessories for theater performances and such activities in addition to installations in the city until now.

Our main goal is for our works to be seen in the urban spaces by the passengers - best said public audiences - and we try to use found objects and recycled/ inexpensive material.

Members of Tehran Carnival are Ayda Alizadeh, Mahtab Alizadeh, Elmira Mahnia, Elmira Yousefi and Sepideh Zamani.
Elnaz Ezati left the group because of personal reasons and Tehran carnival is continuing without her since 2015.

In addition to our group activities, we are active in different fields of Sculpture, Painting, Graphic Design, Video, Photography and Illustration.

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Tehran Carnival Members

We were here

[…] You are walking in dead spaces of city and there you see a volume appearing! A black newspaper-shark in a plastic ocean. The volumes are created hastily. They seem bruised, beaten up, rough and unfinished. There is no one around. The carnival has ended and the audience has missed it. If you are an imaginative person or you insist to the volume to talk and tell you something, you will hear this for sure “ we were here”. Even the haste in coloring will indicate “we were here and left soon”. Nothing gives us any clue to know who was here, because this huge volumes are the visualization of the memory of a carnival ended hours ago and not going to be repeated ever again. Beside the last signs of it will be destroyed by wind and rain and city’s smoke. The busy city will forget it so soon. The dead spaces are not able to swallow the visualization of this quick life making and these artificial memories. The creators are gone; the silence has swallowed the space, but there is a huge volume stuck in its throat. The volume pops out and it constantly says “ we were here”; we were in a place which we were not supposed to be.

Ali Gholipour

Write & Researcher



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